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Bills, Brady, and Heady Topper.

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It was cold - like it normally is in Orchard Park. I was in Western, NY to watch the Bills take on the infamous duo of Brady and Belichick. Our Tailgate was located on the frozen, muddy yard of a local - who thought it was worth ten dollars to let a Bills bus... full of drunks, park on their property. Knowing from my experience  with this crew, the only beers at the tailgate would be Busch Light and Labatts. Since I was okay with the later, there was no need to bring any craft beer that would get me made fun of. 

Now that I’ve set the scene - it was 8 A.M. and I was finishing up my first Labatt. It had been a little bit since I had gone with this group - so there were some new faces. Most of the faces were covered in thick, burly beards - that marked the fact that they were all hard working guys who called Buffalo their home. I was introduced to one of the guys and my eyes immediately lit up. One of the guys hiding behind his late fall beard was in fact Julian Edelman. Okay, that isn’t true, but what was equally shocking - was that the guy with the big beard was holding a silver bullet. This silver bullet wasn’t from the Rocky Mountains - but rather Stowe, VT. There sat a beer that I had only seen on Beer Advocate - and was as elusive as any in its earliest days of production. 

I immediately was excited and complimented him on the beer choice. I think he knew I wanted one, based upon the look and reaction I gave the 16 oz hazy IPA. Without hesitation he said “follow me”. As I followed him around to the other side of the bus - he popped open a big plastic cooler. There sat 20+ Heady Toppers - on ice. I had so many questions. At the time - it was impossible to get your hands on a few cans. Without hesitation he told me to help myself and to have as many as I would like. I still am unsure how it came that he had almost a case of this stuff, but he said he didn’t like it and wasn’t a craft beer fan. 

After I cracked it open and “Drank from the can” - I was amazed. It was obviously that best beer I had ever tasted. The aroma and taste were incredible. It was like nothing I had ever had before. I threw a few of them back and ran into the guy who generously opened his cooler to me. At that point he had already switched to Busch Lights. After the game, we all walked back sad and semi-drunk back to the bus. There I popped open another Heady and thanked the guy for being so generous. He said that he really didn’t want the beers. He brought the Heady’s, hoping someone would enjoy them and take them home. And that is the story of how I fell in love with Heady Topper.